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Dental bridges and partial dentures are often used to replace missing teeth in adults. If the lost teeth are not replaced, the remaining teeth can tip, drift, or extrude into the empty spaces, causing both aesthetic and functional problems within your mouth.

Are Bridges or Partial Dentures Right for You?

Bridges act much like “partial dentures” that are permanently attached to your existing teeth. You do not have to take them out.They are commonly placed in adults when teeth have been lost. Instead of living with gaps, you can have replacement teeth that allow you to eat and speak normally.
Removable partial dentures are another option for tooth replacement. These appliances are taken out for cleaning purposes and while sleeping. Partial dentures attach to existing teeth with metal or plastic clasps.
The best way to determine if you are a candidate for partial dentures or dental bridges is to set an appointment with one of our SLO Smiles dentists. Your appointment will include a complete consultation to determine if partial dentures or fixed bridges are the best options for your needs.

During your evaluation, we will consider many factors in determining whether you would be happy with a partial denture or fixed bridge, including:
  • Your past oral and medical health history
  • The condition of the teeth around your “gap”
  • Your personal questions and concerns

If you have missing teeth, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment at SLO Smiles today.

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