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San Luis Obispo, VeneersWhen you have straight teeth and a winning smile, you’ll naturally look more attractive and feel more confident. But that’s just the beginning. The benefits of getting Invisalign aligners extend far beyond your beautiful new smile.
Straightening your teeth can also improve your overall dental health. When your teeth are properly aligned, it allows your gums to fit more snugly around your teeth, reducing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to bad breath, bleeding gums, mouth sores, and tooth loss.

Additionally, orthodontic treatment with Invisalign can often help people correct problems with chewing, improper bite, uneven wear on tooth enamel, jaw pain, and even speaking impairments.

One of the challenges with traditional braces is trying to remove the food particles that inevitably get trapped in the brackets and wires. This trapped food can increase plaque buildup on your teeth which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Invisalign aligners are removable. You can take them out when you eat as well as when you brush and floss your teeth. This gives you the benefits of straighter teeth without the hassles and problems often associated with traditional braces.

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Why SLO Smiles is the #1 Choice for Invisalign in San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo, Dr. MainGetting Invisalign is a big decision and finding the right dentist in San Luis Obispo for your Invisalign treatment is an essential part of that decision.
You want to make sure to choose an Invisalign-trained dentist with extensive Invisalign experience, a proven track record, and plenty of testimonials from happy patients that have completed the treatment with outstanding results.
Dr. Craig Main is one of the most experienced Invisalign-trained dentist’s in San Luis Obispo. Since 2007, Dr. Main has helped more than 500 patients to straighten their teeth and get the smile of their dreams.
It’s also important to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your specific needs to evaluate whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you.

Call (805) 541-0550 today to schedule your Invisalign consultation with Dr. Main to discover if Invisalign truly is the right treatment for you.

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What Makes Invisalign So Special

Most people associate braces with teenagers and children, but the reality of adult braces is ever increasing. In fact, people of all ages can benefit from a straighter, more symmetrical smile. Adults interested in braces often don’t want the “metal mouth” appearance that is typical with traditional braces. Thankfully, there is another option.

Invisalign is a great alternative to metal braces. The Invisalign aligners are made of a clear, multilayer SmartTrack material. They are custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth and they are virtually invisible when you wear them. Invisalign is the product of innovations based on 20 years of research with a track record of more than 4 million patients.

Each aligner is designed to shift your teeth just slightly. About once a week you will change to a new set of aligners to gradually move your teeth into the position mapped out by Dr. Main.

Depending on what you need to improve your smile, the aligners can move your teeth both vertically and horizontally. They can even rotate your teeth when necessary. Each aligner is specifically designed and engineered to deliver the precise amount of force exactly where and when it’s needed.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Invisalign



What to Expect During Your Invisalign Treatment

San Luis Obispo, Smiling womanOnce you and Dr. Main determine that Invisalign is the right choice for you, he will design a custom treatment plan to straighten your teeth. The first step is to take precise records and images of your mouth and send them to Invisalign to create 3D images and build your case.
Dr. Main will then use those digital 3D images of your teeth to map out your treatment plan. The plan will determine the precise movements of your teeth and give you a good idea of how long the treatment will take. Dr. Main can even show you how your teeth with move into place and give you a preview of how your new smile will look.

At your next appointment, Dr. Main will show you how to put on your new Invisalign aligners. The first thing you’ll notice is that they’ll be virtually invisible when you are wearing them. Most people won’t even realize that you have them on. Dr. Main will instruct you to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day to get the best results. He’ll also show you how to take them out to eat and to brush and floss your teeth.

About once a week you’ll switch to a new set of aligners to gradually shift your teeth into place. You’ll be scheduled to come into the office every six-to-eight weeks so Dr. Main can check on your progress and answer any questions that pop up during the process. The length of your treatment will vary depending on how much your teeth need to move to get them in the right position.

What to Expect After Your Invisalign Treatment

When your treatment is complete, Dr. Main will provide you a variety of retainer options, including a Vivera retainer that is custom-made for you using the same technology as your Invisalign aligners. Dr. Main will instruct you to wear your retainer at least 12 hours a day for at least two years to keep your teeth in the proper position while protecting your smile and your investment.

Vivera retainers are 30% stronger than other leading clear retainer materials. This is important to maintain your teeth in perfect position and reduces the risk of your retainer cracking or breaking.

How to Determine if Invisalign is Right for You

Invisalign treatment has been clinically proven to be effective in solving a wide range of teeth straightening issues. During your initial consultation, Dr. Main will determine if Invisalign aligners are the right treatment for you.
He’ll also give you a price quote and discuss your orthodontic insurance coverage and financing options. Here are some of the issues that Invisalign aligners are commonly used to solve:

Gaps Between Teeth

As your jawbone grows it may create extra space between your teeth or a missing tooth can cause surrounding teeth to shift toward the extra space. Gaps between your teeth and other spacing issues can lead to gum problems and periodontal disease caused by a lack of protection by the teeth.


An overbite is when your upper teeth bite down too far forward relative to your lower teeth. The overbite can by caused by your genetics, improper oral habits, or overdevelopment of the bone that supports your teeth. An overbite can cause your teeth to wear unevenly. It can also lead to gum problems and jaw pain.


An underbite is when your lower teeth in the front of your mouth bite down forward of the top teeth. It can be caused by overgrowth of your lower jaw, undergrowth of the upper jaw, or missing upper teeth. This can lead to uneven tooth wear and a painful jaw.

Open Bite

When some of your top teeth fail to make physical contact with your lower teeth for a proper bite it’s called an open bite. This is typically caused by an abnormal jaw structure or excessive thumb-sucking as a child. An open bite can make it difficult and painful to chew your food. In some cases, it can cause a speech impairment or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Overly Crowded

When there is a lack of room for all of your teeth to fit in your mouth they can become overly crowded. This can lead to severely crooked teeth. Teeth crowding can also make it difficult to properly clean your teeth. This can lead to abnormal plaque accumulation on your teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease.


A crossbite occurs when the upper and lower jaws are misaligned. This can cause upper teeth to bite on the inside or outside of the lower teeth. Crossbite can cause uneven wear on the teeth as well as gum disease and even bone loss.

Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces because:
  • Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible
  • The aligners are smooth and comfortable
  • Aligners can be removed for easy cleaning
  • You can eat whatever you want!
  • There are no wires or brackets to irritate your mouth
  • It’s easy to floss and brush your teeth

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

San Luis Obispo, Invisalign and bracesWith Invisalign aligners there are no brackets and no wires to cut the inside of your cheeks and lips. That means you can wear Invisalign during most sports activities that you enjoy.
The Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible so you don’t have to worry about the change to your appearance that comes with traditional braces.
You can easily remove the Invisalign aligners so you don’t have to concern yourself with food restrictions or the problem of food getting stuck in the brackets and wires. The aligners can also be removed to brush and floss your teeth as usual.

While Invisalign® aligners can correct most issues of crooked and crowded teeth, and gaps between teeth, some cases still require traditional braces. Dr. Main can best determine which orthodontic treatment is right for you.

It’s possible that traditional orthodontics may still be the best way to achieve your teeth straightening goals. Call us today at 805-541-0550 for a consultation to find out the right solution for you to get a more healthy and beautiful smile!

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign requires state-of-the-art technology, a professional fit and numerous in-office visits to track your progress and ensure that you get the best possible result. Because SLO Smiles is a high-volume provider of Invisalign, we can offer some of the best prices in San Luis Obispo. The cost of Invisalign ranges from $3,500-$6,000.

The price is mostly determined by the following:
  • The complexity of the case
  • The length of the treatment
  • Your orthodontic insurance

Financing Options

We offer a variety of flexible monthly payment plans to make it easier for you to get the treatment you want. After the deposit, we set up 12 monthly payments in house. Patients can also use Care Credit and Lending Club to finance at low-to-no interest over a longer period of time.


In general, if you have orthodontic coverage, Invisalign should be covered to the same extent as conventional braces are covered. However, because benefits can vary greatly from policy to policy, it’s a good idea to review your personal coverage plan. We are happy to help you to determine if you have coverage.


Whether you choose Invisalign or traditional braces, orthodontic procedures can be a significantly cheaper option when compared to treating the dental complications that arise from misaligned teeth.

Crooked teeth are not only difficult to clean and maintain but may lead to tooth decay or worsening gum disease. Crooked teeth or malpositioned teeth may also cause misalignment of the jaw. Improper jaw alignment can lead to abnormal wear of the tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing function, excessive stress on the teeth, and misalignment of the jaw joints. Often, headaches and face or neck pain are symptoms of these orthodontic issues.

Orthodontic treatment can help you to…
  • have the healthiest smile possible
  • not only look good but also feel good
  • get the specialized care and attention you need
  • make sure your bite is aligned correctly
  • prevent future shifting of the teeth


This section is a great place to find answers to many of the common questions about Invisalign. If you don’t find your answer here, please call (805) 541-0550.

How long will the Invisalign treatment take?

That will depend on how much your teeth need to move. The average treatment typically takes 12-18 months.

How often do I have to wear my Invisalign aligners?

You will get the best results by wearing them at least 22 hours each day. We recommend to only remove the aligners when you eat, brush, and floss.

How often will I see Dr. Main during the treatment?

We’ll schedule regular appointments for every six weeks to check on your progress.

Will wearing the Invisalign aligners be painful?

Some people experience temporary discomfort for a couple days at the beginning of each new stage of the treatment. This feeling of pressure on the teeth is perfectly normal and lets you know that Invisalign is working.

Will wearing Invisalign affect my speech?

You may notice a slight lisp for a day or two. That should quickly disappear as you get used to having the aligners in your mouth.

Are there restrictions about what I can eat?

Since you remove the aligners when you eat and drink, you can pretty much have anything you want (within reason of course). After you eat, it is important to brush your teeth before putting the aligners back on so you can maintain proper oral hygiene.

Will smoking stain the aligners?

Yes. Smoking while wearing Invisalign can cause discoloration of the aligners.

Can I drink alcohol or soda while wearing the aligners?

Only in moderation. It’s important to clean the teeth and aligners soon after drinking any sugary drink because sugar can get trapped between the aligners and your teeth.

Can I chew gum while wearing Invisalign?

No. The gum will often stick to the aligners. It is best to remove the aligners when eating any meal or snack.

Will the aligners fall out while I’m sleeping?

It would be very unusual for your aligners to fall out while you are sleeping, talking, laughing or playing sports. The Invisalign aligners are designed to fit snugly on your teeth.

Will Invisalign work if I currently have bridgework?

Bridgework would make it difficult for the aligners to work effectively because bridgework connects teeth together and the aligners are designed to move each tooth separately.

How can I get more information about Invisalign and traditional braces?

Whether you are considering traditional braces or Invisalign, Give us a call. We are happy to answer all of your questions. We also promise to provide you with exceptional care as we enhance the natural beauty of your smile. If would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, please contact us today. Call (805) 541-0550

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