Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

When you need dental treatment to rebuild or restore all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw areas, the treatment is called full mouth reconstruction or full mouth restoration.

The procedures and services performed in full mouth reconstruction can ultimately take several months or more than a year to complete. These procedures may require several dental specialists including periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists, and general or cosmetic doctors to address your specific and unique needs.

Reasons to Undergo Full Mouth Reconstruction
There are a number of reasons why you might need full mouth reconstruction, including:
  • Replace missing teeth as a result of tooth decay, injury, trauma, or periodontal disease
  • Replace or restore teeth that have been fractured
  • Replace teeth that have become severely worn down due to long-term acid erosion or
    bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Improve the bite and overall functioning of the teeth and jaw related to any muscle,
    head or jaw pain that you may be experiencing
Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Since every case is unique, the qualified dental professionals at SLO Smiles can determine exactly which procedures you will need for full mouth reconstruction.

Procedures may include:
  • Prophylactic teeth cleaning or periodontal treatment
  • Crown lengthening
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Gum tissue contouring
  • Reduction of tooth structure
  • Temporary restorations
  • Permanent restorations such as crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, and bridges
  • Orthodontics
  • Implants and/or anchor bridge restorations to replace missing teeth
  • Bone or soft tissue grafting

If you have experienced a number of dental problems, need to replace missing teeth, or wish to
improve the overall health and function of your smile, you may be a candidate for full mouth
reconstruction. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule an appointment,
please call SLO Smiles today.

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