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Has it been a while since you’ve opened up and said ‘ahhhhh’? Years even? Don’t worry, we’re not here to scold, we’re just happy to bring you back into the fold of good dental health and hygiene!

Daily dental care and routine cleanings and check-ups are the hallmarks of a comprehensive dental health plan, but we understand all too well that we all get busy and finding time to squeeze in an office visit doesn’t always fall too high on your day-to-day priorities list.

If your dental routine could use a bit more, um, routine, know that you’re not alone and we’re more than happy to help change that!

What to Expect

For some, not having been to the dentist for years can be a source of fear, anxiety and even shame. This can form a psychological barrier that can make it even harder to get their dental care back on track—leading to even longer stretches between dental visits!

Thankfully, knowing what to expect can go a long way towards alleviating these concerns and making it easier to pick up the phone or hop online to schedule an appointment.

Perfect Form

If it’s been a while, you’ll definitely need to update your patient info and insurance particulars, and if you’ve never seen us before, you’ll have a few more forms to fill out. To make your visit experience a bit smoother, we encourage all patients to utilize our online forms. Fill out and submit them with a click of a button and you’ll save time—and a few trees!

History Buff

If we were to tell you that Dr. Leopold and Dr. Main are all really into history, you might think that’s a bit of a strange coincidence, but they’re all interested in a very specific slice of history—yours!

While filling out your medical history may seem unimportant, a patient’s medical history is actually an important tool in providing proper dental care as it informs your dentist of diseases and medication which might interfere with your dental treatment. While many folks see dental health as walled-off or separate from their overall physical health, they are really one and the same!

“Periodontal disease can be directly tied to more than a dozen other diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and diabetes, making accurate patient histories an essential element in proper dental care”

See You Soon!

At SLO Smiles, we understand that dental care is different from dental work, and it’s why when you visit our office we do everything we can to help you feel as comfortable as possible—and most importantly, welcome!

Our dentists and care professionals are all focused on helping patients overcome any anxiety over their dental visit and we’re confident our calm, compassionate approach will put any apprehension at ease as you take back control of your dental health. To get you on your way, click here to schedule an appointment today and while you’re at it, get a head start on your patient forms here!

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