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Brush Up on the Facts of Gum Recession

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Gum recession is all too common, and (spoiler alert) must be treated instead of ignored. The good news is if your gums are receding, here at SLO Smiles we have a minimally invasive alternative to gum surgery. But first, let’s back up and cover the basics:


Gum recession (also known as gingival recession) is a side effect of progressing periodontal disease and other oral health issues. Many folks with receding gums experience some degree of gum pain and tooth sensitivity.


What’s important to know is that once the gums have pulled back or are worn down, they do not grow back. Knowing this, prevention and early treatment are essential to both your oral and whole body health.


Kinda like wildfires, only you can prevent gum disease. Start by using the proper tooth brushing technique. Be sure to keep up with daily brushing and flossing…these are tips you already know. What you might not know, is that if you have a misaligned bite, you could be at a higher risk of developing receding gum thanks to too much pressure on certain areas of the mouth.


It’s important not to wait to treat your receding gums because you don’t want to suffer from the harmful side effects of unchecked periodontal disease, like:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Loosening teeth
  • Weakening bone health
  • Increased risk of root surface decay
  • Less than appealing looks (inflamed red gum tissues and exposed tooth roots)

At-risk patients include those experiencing hormonal imbalances (such as during pregnancy or menopause), or those with a family predisposition toward gum recession. Do you feel less than stellar about your smile? Are you experiencing any gum pain? SLO Smiles is here to help you fear less and feel better.


To learn more about gum recession and your treatment options for gum pain, set up a consultation with Dr. Mark Leopold online today or call our friendly team at SLO Smiles (805) 541-0550.

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