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Not only does our staff value the whole body health of our friendly patients, but we also care deeply for the health of our planet. We take all the measures we can to embrace sustainable dental practices, and be eco-friendly in small and large ways. Here at SLO Smiles, our office is proud to say that…

  • We diligently recycle in the lunchroom. Dr. Murphy is our biggest cheerleader, and retrieves items out of the garbage that can be recycled (woo!).
  • We use paper sacks for our patients’ courtesy toothbrush and toothpaste (if they want it).
  • We recycle all our electronic waste with Achievement House, which is a great organization that also employs developmentally disabled adults in our Central Coast community.
  • We have been amalgam-free for over 20 years. Amalgam is a filling type that can contain mercury, and pose potential risks for clients and the environment.
  • When SLO went plastic bag free a number of years ago, we gave all our patients reusable shopping bags (with our logo on them of course!)
  • We recycle our used printer toner cartridges.
  • We purchase more expensive mouth impression trays to reduce our use of polymer impression material.
  • We turn off our lights in unused rooms…the rockstar receptionist Lynn is our champion in this area!
  • The doctors take care of the delivery fee and tip for our daily lunch orders so we all don’t have to drive around town for lunch.

If you have any more eco-friendly tips for our office, feel free to share them the next time you see us!

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