The Truth About Tongue Scrapers

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Curious about tongue scrapers? This blog is for you. Our SLO Smiles dentists are busting common myths about this popular practice.

What is tongue scraping?

Tongue scraping involves taking a small tool, either a wire or brush, and scraping buildup off your tongue (yuck!) as a part of your normal brushing and flossing routine. Tongue scrapers come in many different shapes and sizes, although some folks choose to clean their tongue by simply using their toothbrush.

Does it improve my health?

There are many claims circling that tongue scraping can remove toxins, banish bad breath, and improve your whole body health by removing bacteria from your tongue. But according to the American Dental Association, there is no evidence that brushing or scraping your tongue will prevent bad breath or improve halitosis (chronic bad breath). In fact, bad breath bacteria grows back just as fast as you remove it.

Does it have any proven benefits?

Tongue scraping won’t be your new magic bad breath cure, but one study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology showed tongue cleaning may help you taste food better. Dead cells and debris build up on your tongue after eating, which clogs taste buds, so scraping it away might improve your taste sensation. 

Should I do it?

If you enjoy feeling like your mouth is extra clean and don’t mind another step to your daily routine, go for it. Tongue scraping is a temporary way to relieve bad breath, but if you really want to put a stop to your halitosis, it’s best to make an appointment with our SLO Smiles dentists. Our friendly staff would be happy to help provide you with more effective ways to fight off this pestering condition.

The Bottom Line:

The truth is, tongue scraping does little for your wellness in regards to removing toxins and preventing illness. There is no science to back any of these lofty claims, and our dental experts agree it’s best to rely on proven methods to enhance your oral health. Regular checkups, along with brushing, flossing, and healthy habits will pave the way to a pearly white smile.

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