Tooth Brushing Tips

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Tooth Brushing Tips

It’s Oral Health Month! While it may seem like common sense to some, many don’t realize how much more effective they can be while brushing their teeth if they make simple changes. One of the best examples is that many believe brushing their teeth harder is more effective, while it actually works against you. Here are some of our favorite tips to ensure you are brushing your teeth most effectively.

Choose the right size of brush: Make sure the brush fits comfortably in your mouth and your hand. It shouldn’t be too big for your mouth.
The right type of bristle: The shape of the bristles don’t really matter, it’s the stiffness that counts. The bristles shouldn’t be so stiff that they irritate the gums. We recommend SOFT or EXTRA SOFT bristles.
Brush often enough and long enough: We should brush two to three times a day for approximately 2 minutes(30 seconds a quadrant). Most electric toothbrushes have timers built into them.
Be gentle: Aggressive, hard brushing could expose the root, causing sensitivity. It’s best to brush gently and take your time.
Brush correctly: Aim the bristles at a 45 degree angle toward the gum line and move toothbrush in a vibrating-circular motion. If using an electric toothbrush, walk the toothbrush from tooth to tooth, pausing for 3-5 seconds on each tooth.
Backs of the teeth: It’s just as important to brush the back of teeth as it is the front. The most commonly missed area is the back of the front teeth – upper and lower. Place the toothbrush head towards the gum tissue and move up and down the length of the teeth.
Rinse the toothbrush: Bacteria is more likely to grow on a brush that hasn’t been rinsed after use. It’s also very important to let the toothbrush dry between uses for the same reason.
Change the toothbrush head: The recommendation is every 3 months however, it’s best to keep an eye on the condition of the bristles. If they loose their flexibility and start to break apart, replace it sooner. Some toothbrushes have bristles that change color when it’s time to replace them.

Looking for a way to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth? Download these fun activity sheets and get them engaged in their oral health!

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