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Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that is defined by breathing disruptions during the night. Over time, it can lead to daytime drowsiness, mood changes, and lack of concentration. It is oftentimes associated with loud and excessive snoring, which affects you and your partner.

All of our doctors are trained to treat sleep apnea using Oral Appliance Therapy, and have helped many patients feel and sleep better. Here at SLO Smiles, we are constantly learning and growing to ensure that we have the most innovative techniques and technology to support our patients.

Today it seems like there is an app for almost anything, including monitoring sleep. These apps are a great way to analyze whether or not your snoring is problematic, and to observe your progress during your sleep apnea treatment.

Our SLO Smiles team recommends using SnoreLab to track your sleep disruptions. It is a top-rated app compatible with your iPhone or Android that uses innovative algorithms and clear recordings so you can understand how snoring is affecting your well-being.

SnoreLab is simple: all you do is download the free app, create a portfolio based on their lifestyle questions, press start and place your device next to your bed before you fall asleep. It’s that easy!

SnoreLab allows you to listen to your recordings and rates the intensity of your snoring from normal to problematic. It offers solutions to lessen your disruptions, and is a great way to track the effectiveness of your treatment and lifestyle changes.

SnoreLab cannot diagnose sleep apnea, but according to their site, “the app may be useful in recording evidence of sleep apnea, such as periods where there is no audible breathing followed by a sudden gasp or choking sound.” This is useful data that you can give to your dentist or trained sleep apnea professional in order to make sure you are receiving the best treatment possible.

Whether or not sleep apps are your thing, know that our SLO Smiles team is here to help you get a full night’s sleep—every night—so you can feel your best. If you find yourself concerned about your snoring, don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at (805)-541-0550.

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