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Curious about Invisalign? Listen up! Our friendly San Luis Obispo dentists are here to set things straight when it comes to this innovative treatment.


So you’ve finally decided to invest in the smile you deserve—it’s about time! After you’ve read up on the benefits of Invisalign, knowing what to expect from the process will help you decide if it’s the right route for you. Let’s dive in.

First Appointment

Dr. Craig Main is our Invisalign expert here at SLO Smiles. During your first appointment, he will perform an initial checkup and go over your cosmetic dentistry goals. Dr. Main will tell you if Invisalign is a good option for you, and explain how the process works and about how long it should take.

Digital Molding

Next up is the digital molding process, and it’s just as cool as it sounds. Dr. Main will take photos, X-rays, and scans of your mouth and teeth which are sent to the Invisalign laboratory. The team at Invisalign then creates custom trays based on your molds.

Tray Fitting

When your custom trays are ready, our SLO Smiles team will give you a call. Dr. Main will fit small attachments to your teeth to keep your trays in place, which is a totally painless process (we promise). Dr. Main will go over aftercare steps, then you’re all set!

Progress Check

After a few weeks with your new trays, it’s time to return for another visit. Dr. Main will check the progress of your treatment, and make adjustments as needed. Easy peasy.

Straighter Teeth, Healthier Smile

Finally, after your schedule of aligners is complete: it’s time to show off your beautiful new smile! Dr. Main will provide you a variety of retainer options, including a Vivera retainer that is custom-made for you using the same technology as your Invisalign aligners. It is best to wear your retainer for at least 12 hours a day, keeping your pearly whites in place and protecting your investment.

Our San Luis Obispo dentists can’t wait to help you reach your cosmetic dentistry goals. Know that we are happy to answer any and all questions about the Invisalign treatment in-person, online, or over the phone. Schedule a personal consultation at SLO Smiles today at (805) 541-0550.

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